Monday, May 23, 2011

Reggie by Reggie Dabbs

The story of Reggie Dabbs is truly an inspiring book. His philosphy is what I always tell my child. He was born as the result of a $20 sexual encounter his mom had no choice in making. She was mearly providing for her children. Who can say what you would do in that situation. Fortunately for Reggie his mother had a wonderful teacher who adopted Reggie and took her into her home permantly. I love that Reggie does not dwell on the bad circumstances of his life, yet celebrates the victories and good things that have happened to him. I love stories that inspire. When all we hear today are stories about celebrities and their affairs, drug addictions and other shortcomings, Reggie's story is one we all need to hear. We all need to dedicate our lives to making this world a better place, learning from our past mistakes and moving on.

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